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Never though I’d say this, but…

He makes me happier than I ever was when I was with you. I used to make excuses for you all the time about the way you used to act. “Oh, that’s just the way he is.” “We’re different, but we will make it work.” I was willing to settle for you. In fact, I’m glad you did what you did. Had you not, I’d still be beating myself over the head trying to find out what I did wrong. As for her, I still cant get over the lies and and deception…not to mention the planning that went into everything. Cause let’s be honest…this didn’t “just happen” If she was a friend, it should have never crossed her mind.

You guys must be telling some really awesome lies.

— 4 months ago
You two deserve each other.

You’re both dead to me.

— 6 months ago
tattoos by amanda wachob (x)

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